Meet this Zinester: Zine Fiends

Who are you? Where are you based?
I’m Jill, and Zine Fiends is a project I started in London, Ontario (where I’m based!).

What are zines to you?
Zines are a way of sharing ideas and making connections through serendipitous discovery.

What was your first encounter with zines?
There was an anarchist cafe in my hometown, and they had a display of political zines.

Tell me about your zines. What kind of zines do you make?
I predominantly make comic zines, but I have made a few text-based ones as well. If there’s something I’m feeling fired up about, I typically do some research and then make a zine about it.

What inspires you to create zines?
The desire to share resources and information, but also to laugh through the tears.

What’s your favorite thing about zines?
The community and how accessible they are. You can make an extremely impactful zine on a single sheet of paper.

Do you recall your first zine ever, what was it about and what inspired you to create it?
I made my first zine in 2013. It was a collection of comics I made about feeling alienated.

Tell me a little about your zine-making process.
I usually write out a script and then do quick thumbnail sketches of each panel. I then pencil all my pages with illustration, then ink, then letter, then additional details. If I have pages of solid text, I tend to do those last.

What do you hope people get out of your zines?
I hope they laugh, and I hope they learn something, but one or the other is also fine.

Name two of your favorite zinesters.
Jenna Rose Sands and the “As You Were” anthology Silver Sprocket releases every year.

Do you have any advice for new zinesters?
Don’t worry about it being perfect. One of the special things about making zines is how much you learn by doing, but never hesitate to reach out to a fellow zinester if you need advice on something.

Is there a zine website or resource you would recommend new zinesters to check out?
Yes! The Barnard Zine Library and the Sherwood Forest Zine Library.

Instagram: @ZineFiends

Interview conducted by Solansh M.
Art and answers provided by Jill.

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