Meet this Zinester: Jillian Spaulding

Who are you? Where are you based?
Hi, my name is Jillian Spaulding, and I’m a zinester based out of Whittier, CA. I’m a freelance journalist and claims adjuster who loves to create.

What are zines to you?
For me, zines are a punk way to express myself. It’s satirical, ridiculous, and breaks all of the rules of media.

What was your first encounter with zines?
I took a zine-making class in college, actually. My professor had us visiting pop-ups in L.A. and collaborating with different groups. It was so cool and freeing during a rough time in my life that I couldn’t stop.

Tell me about your zines. What kind of zines do you make?
I try not to take my zines too seriously. I’ve done things like the worst ways to get over a breakup, vampires that fuck, and party girl hacks. It’s all about having fun and expressing myself. I’ve dabbled in a bit more serious stuff like some poetry zines, but silly ones are where I thrive.

What inspires you to create zines?
Actually seeing this physical finished project fills me with such pride. I find myself just looking back on them and thinking I am so capable.

What’s your favorite thing about zines?
That there aren’t any rules! I can make whatever, and it doesn’t matter because I’m just going to fold it up and leave it around for someone to enjoy. They aren’t about money, clout, or some stupid capitalist ideal.

Do you recall your first zine ever, what was it about and what inspired you to create it?
My first zine that I did totally on my own was for a class, but after that, the real real first one I did was this little horribly drawn one page. I was doodling on the phone with a friend, not really paying attention. Then thought, hey I can draw any normal animal, but make it look like a sleep paralysis demon.

Tell me a little about your zine-making process.
I try not to brainstorm too much. I like to have a vague idea but then just let what gets on the page happen. Pagination just falls together after. I feel like when it’s all up to chance, they actually come out much better.

What do you hope people get out of your zines?
Some uplift to their day. I think being alive is seriously hard to do, but if someone sees my zine and for a moment, it’s easier, that’s worth it.

Name two of your favorite zinesters.
I love Peachy Keen Press and Polemical Zine because they’re so different from each other but still amazing.

Do you have any advice for new zinesters?
Don’t try too hard! Create something that makes you laugh. You don’t need to have a message or specific skills. Also, reach out to zinesters you like and trade tips. I love building community with other weirdos like me.

Is there a zine website or resource you would recommend new zinesters to check out?
Hmmm, I don’t really know. I just kind of follow the zine and zine making hashtags. For me taking that class was really the major thing.

My insta is @zine_times. It’s where I share all my work. A few friends and I are also starting a collective at @basket_press. I also have a blog that I neglect, but sometimes post fun stuff too:

Interview conducted by Solansh M.
Photos provided by Jillian S.

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