Weirdo Brigade Has an Etsy Shop

Opening up an Etsy shop was something that I thought about doing for some time. I’ve always wanted to use the platform to sell my zines, little booklets, poetry, cool/cute pins, stickers, art prints, etc. But I never took the step until this week, because I always felt like my zines were not good enough or had nothing to offer anyone. However, I decided to take that very negative thought out of my mind and finally take the next step, and I did! Weirdo Brigade now has an Etsy shop. Please go check it out! 

We have a few things listed on the site:

The Blackout Poetry Bundle for $5.50 (free shipping)
It includes two zines and a Weirdo Brigade Pin (logo created by @JasonEviLCovelli)

Blackout Poetry by Soly. This zine was fun to create. I took some legal paper (8.5 x 14 in) and stained it using coffee grinds. I then ripped some pages off a really old book I found on a Brooklyn stoop in NY and used a black marker to create the blackout poetry. I then used paint to create the paintings over the poems. Once I was done, the next thing I did was burn the pages’ edges, and then once my stained paper was dry, I glued down the poems, creating a cute zine. Finally, I made copies of the zine.
Blackout Poetry Mini Zine. I love making mini zines because all you need to make the zine is a single letter paper (8.5 x 11). To create this blackout poetry mini-zine, I used pages from an old book, a black marker, scissors, glue, and watercolor paint. Lastly, I folded it to create the mini-zine, and then made copies of it.

The 2 Zines 1 Pin Mini Bundle for $5.00 (free shipping)
It includes two mini-zines and a Weirdo Brigade pin.

I’m Ok Mini Zine was created in a collage style, using a single letter paper (8.5 x 11), magazine clippings, construction paper, photos of me, and paint. I used a typewriter to type out the free verse on left-over paper I dyed using coffee grinds. This zine depicts my everyday anxiety in a very colorful way.
I was Molested Mini Zine is a special zine because I talk about something serious that happened to me when I was a child and how that impacted me later in life. I think molestation is something that we should all talk about. Through this zine, I hope that people who have had similar experiences can feel like they aren’t alone, and hopefully, they feel comfortable talking about it to start their healing process. I used a single letter paper (8.5 x 11) for this zine, color pencils, paint, and a marker. I typed up the words on my computer, printed them out, and then cut and pasted them on the zine. Lastly, I made copies of it. 

I Hate Snakes Mini Zine for $2.00 (free shipping)

I Hate Snakes Mini Zine was a fun one to create. I first wrote out my story– a short story about how my dislike for snakes came to be. I then printed out the short story, cut, and pasted the words onto a letter paper (8.5 x 11). I drew the snakes on the page using a pencil, watercolor paint, color pencils, and markers. Then I made copies.

We are also selling I was Molested Mini Zine by itself for $2.00 (free shipping)

And lastly, we are selling the Weirdo Brigade pin by itself for $1.50 (free shipping)

I will be posting more items up on the site real soon. I will be posting a series of mini zines, some Weirdo Brigade Stickers (using the original WB logo), and Weirdo Brigade coasters (using a drawing by Joshua Ortiz, co-founder of Weirdo Brigade). I can’t express to you how excited I am to have taken this huge step. I am hoping that through this, more people will discover the fantastic world of zines.

And with that being said, I feel like I should show you all other Etsy shops that sell amazing zines and art…..Or maybe I’ll save this for another post. 😉

Written by Solansh M.

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