How to Make A Zine

As a new zinester, I have been trying different methods of creating zines. Last week we learned how to make a mini zine. This week I will show you my process making a zine using a different method.

The first step is choosing 3 pieces of 8.5 x 11 paper. You can choose any color you like. I went with white.

The Second Step is folding each piece of paper hamburger style

& then number each page.

The third step is decorating the pages. You can write poetry, stories, or do some drawings. You can do this by hand or using the computer. I chose to do it by hand.

The Fourth step is scanning the pages. This is an optional step. If you want you can just staple the pages after you are done writing everything out. However, I chose to scan each page and then making some adjustments using Photoshop.

The fifth step is printing out the pages. Make sure you print out the pages in order.

The sixth step is putting the pages together and then stapling them.


Final product!

If you have any questions please ask away and if you would like to purchase any of my zines please send me a message at

Written by Solansh Moya
Pictures provided by Solansh Moya

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