‘Mentors’ SVA Exhibit

The Mentors exhibit is an exhibition which occurs every year at the SVA Chelsea Gallery. It consists of works by selected students in the BFA photography and Video Department at the School of Visual Arts. The selected students create works inspired by their working relationships with outstanding members of the New York City arts community.

The exhibit derives from the Mentors program at SVA which was established in 1992. This program helps students get introduced into the New York arts community, and in the process they cultivate relationships with established artists. Simply put, the Mentors program helps the students to make the transition as artists after graduation less overwhelming.         

This year the very talented Ana Espinal was one of the few students selected to showcase her work. She created a series of four photographs inspired by her mentor, Jennifer Blessing (Senior Curator of Photography at the Guggenheim Museum). Of these photos Espinal says,

“This body of work focuses on the female body and the discomfort of modern femininity. I chose to create self-portrait photographs using materials that represent beauty and delicacies to show how modern female deal with the pressure that beauty must exist in a certain way regardless of the pain.”


Aside from Espinal’s amazing photographs, lay the work of other talented students who chose to express different themes in various creative ways— from photography to mixed media art— including interactive art.  

This Year (2018) in The Mentors exhibit






If you want to see the rest of this awesome exhibit, it will be up at the SVA Chelsea Gallery (15th floor) until March 27, 2018. The Gallery is open from Monday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Don’t miss it!

Written by Solansh Moya
Pictures from the Mentors exhibit.






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