Weirdo Brigade #3 PDF

And here you have it! Weirdo Brigade #3 in PDF format.

Front Cover

This issue is more sentimental, with the writers and artist contemplating on what it’s like being in their 20’s– plagued by anxiety and the pressure to succeed. Jumping into adulthood is no walk in the park. Look through the PDF and share your thoughts.

Click here—> weirdo brigade #3

Some background— The front and back cover were made by both Solansh Moya and Joshua Ortiz. It depicts a young man trying to keep it together. It shows a man in a depressed state about to eat a dust of rainbow to escape his sadness. Yet, even with the happy dust, he isn’t fully happy. This is something that many of us go through. We consume drugs or alcohol to escape our anxiety, worries, and failure to succeed. But all that does for us is help us escape for a little while, and then we’re back in our reality. We are so consumed with the pressure of having to succeed that we are missing out on all the fun, and we constantly live in fear. However, this issue isn’t all gloom and doom. Some of the stories have happy endings, where the writer finds him/herself in a good place or is looking at things in a different light. There is also an awesome interview with The Bouncing Souls, conducted by Chicken Man.

Nine wonderful poets/artists contributed to this issue of WB; written during a time when many of us saw a shred of positive light with Bernie running for president. This was a time when many of us thought there might be a change for the better in this country.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

-Solansh M.




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