Weirdo Brigade #2 PDF

Hey there,

Today I’m doing the same thing I did yesterday, I am turning the second issue of Weirdo Brigade into a PDF. But First I’d like to say happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women in the world!

Picture from

I’m extremely proud to say that Weirdo Brigade was started by two young women who found themselves in a time of confusion. They felt they needed to express themselves in a way that would help them escape their own fear and entrapment. Weirdo Brigade has helped them feel empowered and free– we can conquer the world.

Now, here’s some background on issue #2 of Weirdo Brigade:


This issue is about many things but it’s mainly about things we believe need change in the world. It is about money, regret, violence, pressure, self indulgence, the immigrant experience, and the vicious cycle that keeps repeating. We released this issue sometime in 2016, and nine of us contributed to it. It’s a little more intense than the first issue, with serious topics being portrayed through poems and drawings.

So here it is–> Weirdo Brigade #2
What do you guys think?

-Solansh M.

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