Ms. Twenty Minutes

Picture by Joely Acosta

Agile in appendage attached to the end of arm, like the DJ scratch. In theory too, like conducting science experiments on writers mind. Visiting a fence of time anticipate what’s neighboring. Finger nails painted red like earlier composed rhythmic verse; head unfixed with each letter expressed. As gradual as an unhurried bobble head. Sounds distract flow. Marvin conversing to himself sending articulate messages to Gabby who intersects the street outside, Marvin was inside. Music assists occasionally omitting its attendance. Like the silent commercials on non-existent radio. Audible discussion to improved significance of sound. Closing eyes coming into superior accounts of the greater illustration. Can’t follow instructions however, by any means necessary. Don’t want to follow the rules yet, prescribed to a number. Paraphrasing notable concepts: verse is special; instances when you’re there enough- present enough. To create art. Boricua inside publically appears when verses transcend a different system of communication. Penmanship aqueous like running out of time. Superfluous amounts attainable. An all over approach. Originating where celestial beings mediate. Printing on material around the Financial Aid Specialist. About feelings. In connection to the conditions that distract. While roaming the one human filled Earth. Did not fail. See succession. Writing the blah, blah, blah’s. Conceited, repeated, reused plus, recycled. It became alive as it was standing still. Conversations happening around ears. Something’s can’t completely cancel out. Time’s still here. Salutations, contingent to meet.

Written by Joely Acosta


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