Mockstrosity Tour 2017

On March 29th, I had the opportunity to attend The Mockstrosity concert, at Le Poisson Rouge, in NYC. I got to experience Okilly Dokilly, Metalachi, and Mac Sabbath live. Each of these bands possesses the one thing Weirdo Brigade is all about; they are weird!  I had never heard of any of these bands before this concert, but I had the feeling I was in for something good. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that they are actually really good.


The Mockstrosity concert opened with the world’s first and only “Nedal” band, Okilly Dokilly from Phoenix, Arizona. “Nedal” music is a sub-genre of metal themed around Ned Flanders, an animated character from The Simpsons. The band members perform dressed as Ned Flanders and their songs are centered around quotes said on the animated series. The band is comprised of five members: Head Ned (clean/unclean vocals), Bled Ned (drummer), Red Ned (synth, clean vocals), Thread Ned (bassist), and Stead Ned (lead guitarist).

Their first single, White Wine Spritzer was released in 2015. Many believed the Ned Flanders gag was going to be a one-time joke. To everybody’s surprise they released their first album, Howdilly Doodilly, on November 11, 2016.

As a person who has been to countless metal concerts, I found Okilly Dokilly’s polite attitude to be hilarious. From what I’ve seen, bands tend to be loud, obnoxious, and fouled mouth (don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff). This band, however, was the opposite. They reminded me of that one good-nature, jolly, polite next-door neighbor (Ned Flanders). Their music, on the other hand, was far from the nice next-door-neighbor variety and instead was loud and rhythmic (it was a metal concert after all), the kind that you can’t help but jump and head-bang all over the place.

Their performance was only describable as “class A” with amazing audible sound (They definitely practice a lot). They also had props; A big inflatable doughnut was tossed around in the crowd as they performed the song “Donut Hell.” They closed the set with “Nothing At All” with Head Ned wearing Flanders’s ski suit, as seen in the Simpsons episode, “Little Big Mom.


The Show continued with my favorite musicians of the night, the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band, Metalachi, from Hollywood, California. They are a five piece band that creatively combines metal music with Mariachi. The members go by the names, Veca De La Rockha (vocalist), El Cucuy (trumpet), Nacho Picante (guitarron), Paco (guitar), and Queen Kyla Vera (violin).

In 2015, Metalachi appeared on the show America’s Got Talent, where they performed Twisted Sister’s “We’re not Gonna Take It.” Although we’re not here to talk about that, you should definitely check it out.

When I first heard of Metalachi, I was intrigued and excited to experience this combination of music live. I wasn’t sure what it would sound like. However, as they took on the stage with their dark, yet colorful persona, I was blown out of my mind. I couldn’t help but sing and dance along to all of their songs.

While the stage was simple, it did emanate metal, with a bra hanging on the mic stand and Metalachi’s logo, a skull, sitting on stage. The members themselves screamed Rock stars! everyone dramatically wearing tight pants, vests, and bandanas, with faces heavily painted, and long hair falling over their eyes as they performed.

Their set was jammed packed with classic metal songs like “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin, “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses, and many more. The songs were paired with the wailing of the guitar, violin, Guitarron, and the Trumpet that gave it the Mariachi flair. A dozen balloons were tossed at the audience and as they flew and bounced everywhere, people danced and sang along.

At The end of each song the members would make jokes about strippers and cholas. At one point, they even mentioned my favorite Spanish singer, Selena Quintanilla. Veca De la Rockha yelled, “Anything for Selena” and the band commenced to play a part of her song, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” (this absolutely made my night).

At the Mockstrosity concert, Metalachi put on an amazing, fun, and hilarious performance. This is a “must-watch-before-you-die” kind of band.


Last but not least, the headliners of the Mockstrosity concert, Mac Sabbath, a band from L.A. California, known for their “Drive Thru Metal,” ended the night. They are a Black Sabbath parody band, whose lyrics and imagery are centered around Fast Food. Their set was the most theatrical of the bunch.

At the start, the stage was concealed with a yellow sheet. A recording of news clips blared loudly over the speakers about a demonic clown on the loose. The clip warned us to be careful, ending with “you need to run the other way.” Soon after, the sheet fell to the ground, revealing Slayer McCheese (Guitarist), Grimalice (Bassist), and the Catburglar (drummer), playing “More Ribs” (“War Pigs”). Seconds later, Ronald Obscure (vocalist) got on stage in a straight jacket, and looked extremely creepy, as he tried to free himself. He then started singing about McDonald’s food over Black Sabbath songs, finally freeing himself.

The stage was filled with crazy props: Creepy clown dolls, a giant straw, a flaming pan, a burger bat (which Ronald Obscure bit the head off, remind you of anyone?), two giant inflatable burgers (tossed around in the audience), and ketchup and mustard bottles filled with water (which were squirted at the crowd). A Red bucket sat in the middle of the stage. At one point Ronald Obscure spilled the bucket’s content over the crowd. I braced myself because I thought I was going to get wet, except instead of water, shredded paper fluttered all over. The band also had a man dressed in fast food employee attire, who was referred to as the “help.” When he occasionally got on stage to help Ronald Obscure with a prop, he was treated almost like a slave (which was kind of strange).

The performance was full of talk in British accents, corny jokes (centered around fast food and other bands, ex: Mac Flag), and random weird moments. I lost myself into the loud heavy music: Closing my eyes, I let the music flow into me as mosh pits were forming in the middle of the room. After they performed their encore, the band disappeared behind the yellow sheet, once more, calling it an amazing night.          

As I was leaving the Mockstrosity concert, I looked around and saw on the faces of people the kind of things I too was feeling: a drunken feeling of pure bliss among each other. We were brought together by the power of music. Like one big happy bunch of kooks, we danced and sang together. I looked around and saw a crowd of weirdos finally at home, surrounded by great music, booze, and amuse. That night, for a couple of hours freedom was mine. I was home. With all that said, you guys should definitely check these bands out when they roll into town.     

Written by Solansh Moya

Edited by Farmer Marx

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